Meet the Team



I am the team manager and cheerleader of my family. I have been married to Cal (“The Coach”) since 2010 and we have two sons, one daughter, and two dogs.

This blog is a place where I can record my thoughts on my personal growth as I journey through homeschooling, homemaking, and being a follower of Christ.

Meet The Team

The Coach

Cal is the spiritual leader of our little team. We met in sixth grade. Currently, the Coach is a law student. He is crazy about Ole Miss athletics, politics and poking fun at me.

The Champ

Ethan is our oldest son. He is five years old and is a very, creative boy. He loves legos, designing houses, and drawing with chalk. The Champ has never met a stranger and is always ready to play.

The Rookie

Christopher has gone from being the little to being the middle. He is two years old and always on the go! He loves to play with his puppies, kick footballs, and read books. The Rookie is all energy but still takes time to snuggle with Mommy!

The Princess

Emma Marie is our newest team member! She was just born this year and has already stolen our hearts! Ethan loves to sing to her, Christopher loves to help give her pacifiers (even when she doesn’t want them), and Mommy and Daddy love to talk with and hold her!

Chloe Wigglebottom and Swayze Hollingsworth

Chloe and Swayze are our two shih tzu. Chloe (named after the character from Smallville) spends most of her time sleeping, avoiding the kids, and being generally pathetic. Swayze (named after the Ole Miss baseball and football fields) spends most of his day running around like a wild dog, trying to find something to eat, and getting into trouble with the kids.