Products I Love: Resurrection Eggs


As a mom of a three year old boy, I appreciate anything that will help me explain the Bible in a real and tangible way. Easter is such a difficult concept for three year olds who do not have the attention span to listen to and comprehend the Easter story being read to them.

I purchased Resurrection Eggs because they claim that you can “See, Touch, and Hear the Story of Easter.”

The set comes with twelve eggs that each contain an item relating to the Easter story, a plastic container to store the eggs, a lesson booklet, and a sticker sheet. I was really impressed with the quality of the items.

The book contains twelve days of readings. Each day includes a Bible verse, a prompt for opening an egg, and a short devotional explaining the item inside the egg. The lesson takes less than five minutes to complete.

We started these 12 days before Easter. Each day we review the items we have already talked about, read the booklet, and then open a new egg.

We are on day number eight and I feel like he has really enjoyed them. While he does not have a full grasp of the story, as we review the items he remembers that “Jesus rode a donkey” and “Jesus prayed to God in the Garden.” For a three year old, I am very pleased with this.

I do recommend reading the booklet yourself before reading it to your child. Some parts of the story may need modifications to better fit your understanding of the Gospel. However, for the most part our family enjoyed the simplification of the story.

How do you celebrate and explain the Easter story to your young children?

*Please, note that I get a small fee from Amazon through the link above. However, I have purchased Resurrection Eggs and my family loves to use them to explain the Easter story.


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