Free Printables: I have, Who Has? Number Review Cards


Last week, I explained the game “I have, Who has?” for the letters of the alphabet. This game can also be used to review numbers.

Traditional Rules: Pass out all of the cards. Player one reads their first card. The player that has the next number goes next. Play continues until all cards are called.


  • Player One: “I have 4. Who has 2?”
  • Player Two: “I have 2. Who has 6?”
  • Player Three: “I have 6. Who has 3?”

The game can be played with 2-10 children (or 20 if you are using the 1-20 review cards).

To make the game more active, have each player perform an action for each card. For example, when player one asks “I have 4. Who has 2?” player two must hop two times. Activity suggestions include hopping, flapping arms, spinning in circles, clapping, etc.

Single Player Rules: Lay all but one card on the floor face side up. Read the remaining card out loud. Have your child find the next card and continue until all of the cards have been picked up.


  • First card reads: “I have 4. Who has 2?”
  • Find the next card: “I have 2. Who has 6?”
  • Find the next card: “I have 6. Who has 3?”

To make the game a bit more active, spread the cards around the room so that your child has to race around to find the next number. To add an extra challenge, place the cards face down so that your child has to remember where he saw the correct number.

Download my I have, Who Has-Numbers 1-10 Review“I have, Who Has” cards and I have, Who Has-Numbers 1-20 Review. Come back in the next couple of weeks for Shape Review and Color Review.

I recommend printing on cardstock and/or laminating the cards to make them more durable. I use the Scotch Thermal Laminator.

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