The Walmart Challenge

Ask anyone which store they frequent that they dislike going to the most. It seems like the most popular answer will be “Walmart!” or whichever grocery store they happen to use.

So, I decided to create a challenge for myself this morning to get through the mundane task of grocery shopping.

This challenge can be done anywhere: Walmart, the dentist, the DMV, church…

The Rules:

Be Positively Positive! Go in with the right attitude. There is no reason we cannot find JOY in shopping for our families. We are “like the ships of the merchant; [we bring our] food from afar” (Proverbs 31:14).

Go in with the knowledge that a lot of people in the store do not want to be there and want to get out as soon as possible.

Smile at everyone (or at least most people)!

Find small ways to brighten the day of the people around you!

Bonus points if you do this while shopping with your kids (I didn’t)!

The Results:

As I drove to the store, I realized that I was driving with a little less impatience. I didn’t mind letting someone cut in front of me. I drove the speed limit and took time to notice the world around me.

The first person I came to in the parking lot, I felt really awkward smiling at. But as soon as I smiled, a funny thing happened: she smiled back! Each time I smiled at someone and got a return smile, I noticed that my facial expressions were no longer forced. I was actually giving people a moment of happiness.

At the checkout counter, I let the man behind me check out first. He looked completely confused but gratefully accepted. And, it turns out he was in the store buying a slow cooker on his lunch break and was trying to rush home to start supper for his family after theirs would not turn on. I am sure those 10 extra minutes that I saved him really blessed him.

Then, I took the time to talk to the cashier. She was bored with her morning and seemed to enjoy having someone to laugh with for a few minutes.

In the span of ten minutes, I was able to talk to two complete strangers and had the opportunity to serve them in the smallest of ways.

Was anything I did difficult: Absolutely not.

Was anything I did life changing: For others, probably not. For me, maybe. It helped me to see the difference that a positive attitude can have on the people around me. I also think having a willing and open heart allows me to see where God wants me to move. Perhaps having more of these “Positivity Challenges” will allow others to see the light in me and seek Him.

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