Building a Relationship With God

Prayer time has always been difficult for me. I have only recently begun to understand that prayer is just about being with God, listening to Him, and strengthening your relationship.

It is not about specific words. I have always spent too much time worrying about what I should say and being afraid of saying the wrong thing. We don’t have to be overly spiritual or eloquent in our prayer life. We should have a relationship with God that is open and easy. We should be talking to him the way we would talk to a friend or a family member that we love and respect dearly.

It takes work. A relationship with God is just like any other relationship. You have to work at it and spend time together to build your relationship. If you and your spouse only saw each other and talked once every few months, your relationship would not be very solid. The same concept applies to God. If you are only spending time in prayer on occasion, you will never build a deep relationship with Him.

We have to listen. Relationships cannot form when only one person is doing all of the talking. When we are spending time with God, we have to take time to listen to Him.

He wants to spend time with us. Imagine being in a relationship with someone who was never distracted by the television and a smart phone. God is always attentive to us. All we have to do is seek Him and He will join us. He desires to be with us and for us to spend time with Him.

Relationship with God


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