Why I Love Bible Journaling


What I Love About Journaling

When I first heard about Bible journaling I was a skeptic. Should we be doodling in our Bibles? Why would someone do that? Once I started journaling, I began to love it. So, what do I love about journaling?

The process of creating brings me closer to the creator. The time I spend Bible journaling is time I am spending in communion with the Lord. My hands are kept busy while my mind is freed up to focus only on Him.

Painting, drawing and coloring are all calming activities. Adult coloring books are very popular at the moment. You cannot walk into a hobby shop or bookstore without seeing several copies. People are discovering that these activities help to reduce anxiety.

I am more focused on my reading when I use a highlighter system. I am more engaged when I read with a highlighter in hand. I am also more engaged when I am trying to figure out what verse conveys the main message of the passage. Next week I will explain more on my highlighter system.

Focusing on a smaller portion of scripture helps it sink in more. When I repeat a verse several times, I tend to remember it better. When I am illustrating a verse, I repeat it to myself as I am sketching, coloring, and painting. This allows the words to sink into my heart.

Pictures jog my memory. I can go back and look at my illustrations and get a quick overview of my past studies. Sometimes I will pick a book of the Bible that I have completed and simply look at all of the illustrations. It helps me get the big picture of each book quickly. I can also find scripture quickly when I remember how I illustrated it.

It is a fun way to share the Gospel. When you pull out a Bible full of artwork and doodles, you are going to get comments and questions. This is the perfect opportunity to engage in discussions with strangers in waiting rooms, unbelieving friends and family members, and even your children. Anything that allows me to share my faith is exciting.

In the following weeks, I will be discussing my Bible journaling process, the tools I use, and even tips and techniques for non-artists like myself.

Please, share pictures of your journaling Bible. I cannot get enough of this beautiful form of worship.

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