Bible Journaling for the Non-Artist

A couple of years ago, I never would have imagined myself enjoying Bible Journaling. I am not much of an artist. I don’t have pretty handwriting. I cannot draw beautiful pictures. This was not the right means of worship for me.

These were all lies the enemy whispered to me. Over the next year, I learned that Bible Journaling was not about skill. It was about finding a way to worship the Lord.

There are several ways to Bible journal even if you cannot draw!

I personally have not used stamps in my Bible. However, they are very popular when it comes to Bible journaling and I love using stamps for scrapbooking. Among my friends who use stamps in their Bible journaling endeavors, StazOn ink seems to be the favorite ink. Much like scrapbooking, you can use cling stamps that adhere to a clear stamp block. This allows you to easily see where you are positioning your stamp. You can also purchase pretty date stamps to record when you designed each page.

Stencils are great because you can use them with various types of media. You can use pencil, pen, colored pencil, watercolors, etc. with your stencil to create a beautiful image. You can even cut out a shape out of a piece of paper and use that as a stencil.

Washi Tape.
Washi tape is a special craft tape that originated in Japan. It looks and feels like masking tape. It comes in a variety of colors, designs, and widths. There are even tapes that are scalloped and reminiscent of lace. You may use a single strip of washi tape as a border (or layer a few of various widths. Or, use several strips to make a pretty background.

If you are uncomfortable with your own handwriting and are also nervous about the bleed through that you risk with paint and ink, there are so many stickers to choose from. You can use alphabet stickers for lettering or tons of pretty embellishments. Flat stickers work best for Bibles; however, you can find various 3D stickers that may add a little extra pop to your page. Be warned: it is very easy to find yourself addicted to the sticker aisle at Hobby Lobby.

One of the best things about the onion thin paper in Bibles is that you can see images through the paper. First, find a black and white clipart image that you like and resize the image to fit the margin of your Bible. Then place the image under the page you would like for it to be on and trace the outline. You can then use your colored pencils and paints to further decorate the page.

Find a Font.
You can dress up your own hand writing by adding some embellishments to it. Darken the down-strokes, add highlighting, or play with different types of pens.
Whenever I need inspiration for a font, I turn to Pinterest. Search terms such as “Hand Lettering,” “Full Alphabet,” “Typography,” or “Handwriting Fonts.” My Pinterest board has several fonts pinned already. With a little practice, your lettering will improve.

Write Instead of Draw.
If you are still uncomfortable with the tips above, you can still journal. Simply highlight the text and write out your thoughts in the margins. Using different colored pencils to write can make your margins a work of art!

What unique ways do you use to illustrate your Bible?

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