Week 1 Training Schedule


Another week of triathlon training completed! Only 10 more weeks to go!

My Training Schedule for Week 1 (6/3-6/9)

Monday: 5.18 mile bike ride at 9.3 avg mph

Tuesday: 1.95 mile run at 13’16” avg pace

Wednesday: Bike 3.5 miles at 7.4 avg mph and run 1 mile at 13’48” pace

Thursday: Swimming laps in between playing with the kids in the pool (okay, not the best “training,” but I am a mom)!

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 2.14 mile run at 14’00” avg pace

Fun Moments: On my Monday evening bike ride, a neighborhood kid saw me and was amazed that a grown-up was out riding a bike. He asked if I wanted to race to the end of the street. After I said “sure” and he beat me while doing a lot of coasting, he was overjoyed at winning a race and I couldn’t stop laughing for the next mile.

Training Highs: Once again, on my Monday ride, I hit 9.3 avg mph and the SLIGHT incline that has been challenging for me was so much easier than it had been in the past. I came home feeling like the bike portion of the triathlon is going to be do-able!

Training Lows: During my run on Saturday, I tripped over a piece of tile. I scraped up my shin pretty bad and broke my phone screen protector (and sliced my thumb on the glass the next day because I waited to take it off). Considering how clumsy I am, I am surprised this was my first running injury!

I cannot wait to see what this week has in store!

Onward! Upward! For the Glory of Christ!

What Was I Thinking?

img_5158I have no idea what I have gotten myself into! In 82 days, I will be racing in my first ever triathlon!

Oh, and a few more things: it will be my first ever race! I am not a strong swimmer and don’t have a pool. I run a 12-13-minute mile. My bike is a $17 mountain bike from Goodwill that is a little rusted and too big for me. So, who am I to think that I can enter a triathlon?

I started running 12 weeks ago and could barely make it two doors down from our house, but I still felt like God was calling me to run to glorify Him. I was not sure what that looked like, but I knew that I am the child of a great and mighty God, who loves to show up and show out.

Each week, I have grown more and more amazed with how much farther and faster I can go. I know that it is not the results of my effort, but of my God. He has used running to help me meet a few of my neighbors and even get the opportunity to pray with one of them. I know that if He called me to run this race, He will help me complete it!

For the next 12 weeks, I hope to keep you updated on my progress and I cannot wait to see what God has in store this summer!

Onward! Upward! For the Glory of Christ!

International Sports Day

According to my calendar, today is International Sport Day!

I have no idea what that really means. But, in a house full of boys, any reason to celebrate sports is taken advantage of.

So, we are making it the “Day of Sportsing.”

Our first sport is PVC Bowling. The rules are simple. Set pieces of leftover PVC pipe up like bowling pins and toss a ball at them. Squeals will ensue each time a pipe falls down.

Sport two is indoor soccer. The Champ and I will attempt to get a balloon past one another to score a point. At some point, the Champ will start using his hands and this will turn into more of a weird version of volleyball, until the balloon touches the popcorn ceiling and pops, scaring the dogs and ending our game.

Sport three is football. We take turns holding the foam football with our finger while the other one kicks it. At some point, the Champ will remove the football right before I kick, a la Lucy from Charlie Brown.

Sport four is baseball. We will take turns hitting a ball off of a tee. Mommy cannot catch, so she will miss every hit. Ethan will end up getting distracted by an interesting weed, ending the game entirely. Thus concludes the “Day of Sportsing.”

Comment on your favorite “Toddler Friendly Sports.”